• Lately, multi-layer transformer architectures pre-trained as language models have been used to great effect on a variety of natural language processing and information retrieval tasks.
  • chatbot research paper describes Chat-Bot-Kit , a web-based tool for text-based chats that we designed for research purposes in computer-mediated communication (CMC).
  • Chat-Bot-Kit enables to carry out language studies on text-based real-time chats for the purpose of research: The generated messages are structured with language performance data such as pause and speed of keyboard-handling and the movement of the mouse.
  • However, there exists a dark side of these models – due to the vulnerability of neural networks, a neural dialogue model can be manipulated by users to say what they want, which brings in concerns about the security of practical chatbot services.
  • This paper introduces InstructableCrowd, a crowd-powered system that allows users to program their devices via conversation.
  • This paper shows how these two paradigms can be combined to help non-expert users find and discover open government datasets through dialogue.

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