Our ancestors knew the secret…

To predict the future you must understand patterns. Our ancestors would examine patterns in the stars to predict the best times to plant and harvest their crops. Where to sail their ships. And even to predict human behavior based on how the stars aligned.  Artificial Intelligence is today what the stars were for our ancestors. A way to predict the future by recognizing patterns in large sets of data. 

How does this apply to Marketing?

Pattern recognition is at the core of most AI we use today. And is being applied to everything from self-driving cars to disease diagnosis. In Marketing, AI is being applied across a range of use cases. From predicting the best times to send an email to predicting what headline, image, or video will get the most engagement. At HelloScribe, we’re applying these pattern recognition algorithms to three areas of content marketing: 1) Website Content 2) Social Media Content, and 3) Voice Content. 

What about Human Creativity?

Now that AI algorithms can ingest and analyze all product information, every customer conversation, like, tweet, comment, post, picture and video and deliver predictive insights into what consumers want, need, and desire. And now that machines can mimic the way humans communicate. What is the role of creativity?

It’s a vexing question for some. But as it turns out, Human Creativity is more valuable than ever.  Try as they might, AI algorithms don’t understand subtlety or nuance or the unwritten rules of human engagement. They don’t understand wonder, curiosity, the stuff of life that makes us, well, human. Our mission at HelloScribe is to transform these mechanical predictions into marketing magic. To use data-driven insights and AI tools to create original, impactful, inspiring content that drives brands, people, and societies forward. 


What makes a brand successful no longer has to do with size or history or capital; success today is more about finding pain points or passions that resonate with consumers—and using data and creativity to build relationships with them on the apps and platforms they use every day.